Who We Are

The Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide is a non-profit organization that has been representing Foreign Service spouses, employees and retirees since 1960. AAFSW is an independent advocate for its membership, giving members a stronger voice when working on common concerns and a chance to enjoy shared interests.

AAFSW represents the changing interests and concerns of spouses and families in today’s dynamic Foreign Service. Membership is open to all adult family members of the foreign affairs agencies who have served, or are subject to service, at a U.S. diplomatic mission.

The AAFSW can be contacted by email, snail-mail, telephone, and other contact methods.

You can also view a complete list AAFSW Board members and committee chairpersons with contact information.


AAFSW Contact Information

Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide
4001 North Ninth Street
Suite 214
Arlington, VA, 22203

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