Fun for Funds

An AAFSW Fun for Funds meeting.

AAFSW’s “FUN FOR FUNDS” Fundraising Events Committee, an initiative created by former AAFSW President Dr. Joanna Athanasopoulos Owen to help support AAFSW financially, was adopted in 2016.

The purpose of this committee is to put together FUN, spectacular, and amazing events for our AAFSW members and guests for the sole purpose of raising funds for AAFSW while bringing our community and guests closer. The money raised from these events will go to AAFSW’s general budget. The committee can also advertise and direct a percentage of the profits from such events toward specific causes that the AAFSW supports including but not limited to the Family Crisis Fund, scholarships, awards, and more.

Members of the FUN FOR FUNDS committee.

The unique talents of AAFSW’s members, e.g. singing, playing the piano, leading educational seminars, etc., are what make these FUN FOR FUNDS events memorable. Any AAFSW member can suggest and bring new ideas, which will be welcome! Also, if AAFSW members have some special interest or talent, this committee can organize a fun event around it.

The committee aims to organize 6-12 FUN events per year. Most of the events will take place at AAFSW members’ houses, clubs and/or country clubs where AAFSW members are members, free of charge community rooms in buildings where AAFSW members live or work, etc. The intention is to raise as many funds for AAFSW and its causes as possible.

Some of the events sponsored by the FUN FOR FUNDS committee include a chocolate lovers’ afternoon tea at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia and a Valentine’s Day celebration at the University Club in Washington, DC among others.

Any and all volunteers are welcome! Please use the contact form below and specify you are interested in helping the AAFSW FUN FOR FUNDS Fundraising Events Committee. Our committee chair will be in touch soon.