The AAFSW BookStore currently sells secondhand books from its Foggy Bottom location in the State Department building. In September 2023 it moved to a new spot in Foggy Bottom, to what was formerly the Bank of America space.

Hours of Operation: We are currently open Monday thru Thursday from 11:30am-2:30pm. Contact: Brian Neumann, 202-223-5796 or

BookRoom is an essential workspace for the BookStore and Art and BookFair (ABF) and is not open to the public. In the BookRoom books are processed for sale either in the BookStore or at the annual Art and BookFair. BookRoom is staffed by AAFSW’s BookRoom Operations Manager whose job it is to run the BookRoom and to pick up donations of books and art objects from all over the Washington area. The books (in the thousands) are then sorted, priced, shelved, and then boxed up for later use with the assistance of volunteers.

Volunteer your time and energy! Our volunteers have fun working together in the BookRoom prepping for the Art and BookFair and in the BookStore. We will train you in sorting, pricing, and boxing. AAFSW also needs volunteers for ABF to handle publicity (posters, signs, layout maps), help with logistics, pick up donations, provide refreshments for the volunteers during ABF, or solicit contributions for the Art Corner and for the Collectors’ Corner.

Don’t wait to sign-up to volunteer. We need 30-40 volunteers throughout the year, increasing up to 100 during Art and BookFair.

NEW! Reader’s Picks – Read a good book lately? In the past our BookStore Manager has periodically published a “Must-Reads” list – now it’s your turn!  Send us the title, along with a short (one paragraph) synopsis and why you’d recommend it to . Yours may get picked to publish in Global Link, as time and space permit.

Here’s an example from February 2021:

Extraordinary Experiences: Tales of Special Needs Abroad: A Tales from a Small Planet by KATHI M. SILVA

Experiencing another culture is meant to be fun, adventurous and mind-opening. But what happens when you mix the joys of living or traveling abroad with the struggles of having a physical, intellectual, medical or other special need? Join our authors as they share their adventures abroad with unique challenges. This is not a “how-to” book, but a book of real-life stories, where you will find inspiration, guidance and insights from ordinary people who have made extraordinary adjustments to their experiences far from home.

A very interesting book recommended by AAFSW Past-President Lara Center.

Members can access the full archive of past Must-Reads by clicking here .

Contact the BookRoom/Bookstore Operations Manager below for more information or to volunteer!