Our Resources

AAFSW provides a variety of resources to our community, some of which are exclusive for members.

Foreign Service Hub

FSHub.org is AAFSW’s comprehensive gateway to all community support resources, a searchable site that makes Foreign Service resources easy to access, including official, non-profit and independent sources, and social media groups.

Social Media

AAFSW runs social media groups to foster community and conversation, including AAFSW Global Connection (members only), EFM Business Owners, AAFSW Parents, Foreign Born Spouses, and other public and private groups. Browse the list of our social media groups.

AAFSW’s Books

Realities of Foreign Service Life
A two-volume set of reflections and perspectives on the realities of Foreign Service life as experienced by members of the Foreign Service community around the world.

The Foreign Service Companion: Moving Your Household Without Losing Your Mind
A collection of advice, stories and entertaining anecdotes to serve as your “companion” while your survive an international move! The first volume in a planned series.

Raising Kids in the Foreign Service
Edited by Leah Moorefield Evans. Experienced expat writers share stories, experiences, and research about pregnancy, education, travel, language, unaccompanied tours, safety, maintaining mindfulness and much more.  

Livelines Group

AAFSW’s members-only Livelines group on groups.io, a private, moderated group where members share their collective information and experience with the additional perk of being able to advertise items for sale or rent. Livelines is a benefit of AAFSW membership. Learn more about Livelines and join AAFSW today.

AAFSW’s monthly newsletter, Global Link, is distributed to AAFSW members and Community Liaison Office Coordinators and post newsletter editors worldwide, and provides practical information to Foreign Service community members as well as news regarding our events and programs.

AAFSW’s FS Community Business Database

AAFSW maintains a directory of members’ EFM-owned businesses. When you become a member of AAFSW you may post your business on the site. Access the FS Community Business Database here.


Our extensive list of articles and essays provides members with access to topics covering Family Life in the Foreign Service, Life at Post, Foreign Service Kids, and many more.

  • Patricia Linderman shares “10 Ways to Adjust Faster to a New Post”: Strike a balance between exploring and recovering. To move forward in your adjustment, you need to get out and meet people, explore, try new things … but this can be exhausting, especially in a new language, in a high-crime environment or on dangerous roads. A newly arrived family member admits: “One day I feel great; the next day I’m just overwhelmed by this place. One day I might spend most of the day out, the next day I go for a run, nap, and spend the day catching up on menial tasks and watch bad tv.” This is normal and healthy, because she is making progress in her adjustment while making sure she isn’t overwhelmed by stress.

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  • Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel on “Ideas for Improving Family Member Employment in Overseas Missions”: Self-advocacy can go a long way toward improving spouses/partners’ chances of being employed. Family members seeking work inside US missions abroad are encouraged to take the following steps that might also be considered during bidding: Review the post Family Member Employment Report (FAMER) to get an understanding of the EFM work situation at post (available on the Intranet or from CLO; … 

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