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A Cultural Event to Celebrate 30 years of U.S. and Azerbaijan Diplomatic Relations

Ms. Kahazar Ibrahim, the wife of His Excellency Ambassador Khazar Ibrahim, hosted
a cultural event at the residence of Azerbaijan, in Washington, DC, on December 2,
2022. This event marked the 30th anniversary of Azerbaijan establishing diplomatic
relations with the United States, a “relationship built on trust and friendship.” Sheila
Switzer, AAFSW Program Chair, cordially invited AAFSW’s members to join Ms. Ibrahim
and WtoW guests for this special celebration.

One of the world’s most ancient nations — the nation of Azerbaijan — has a proud
cultural heritage, its rich history, cultural monuments, literature, arts, and music
heritage. This event was about exploring the cuisine and the music of the country.
The Azerbaijani people created and developed a rich Transcaucasus cuisine,
encompassing the impact of ancient trade caravans passing through Azerbaijan.
Ms. Ibrahim explained that the Azerbaijani cuisine was not only the basis for the
meals and methods of their preparation, but also the proud material culture of her

Ms. Ibrahim shared her passion for Azerbaijani music, developed
throughout the centuries. From the Shusha Caucasus Conservatoire, which
successfully represented Azeri music and glorified it all over the world. In the early
20th century, spurred by socio-economic and cultural growth, U. Hadjibeyov laid the
foundation of the culture of modern music of Azerbaijan and created a synthesis of
composer creations and folklore music, at the roots of Western and Eastern cultures.
A trio of very talented musicians from Azerbaijan shared the multifaceted music of
their country, followed by a delicious lunch in the spacious dining room, overlooking
a well-manicured garden.

Many thanks to Ms. Ibrahim and Sheila Switzer for sharing with AAFSW’s members this
rich Azerbaijani cultural heritage.


by Celine Erickson, AAFSW President