AAFSW has helped many families through its evacuation network. AAFSW’s Evacuee Support Network (ESN) Chair, Ann la Porta’s ongoing effort, especially during long-ordered departures from China and Ukraine, has been remarkable. Over time, AAFSW became concerned that the plight and sacrifice of these families were not being recognized. AAFSW raised awareness of this situation to the GCLO Unaccompanied Tours team.
You may read more about this program on GCLO’s page for UT Tours and Children by clicking this link.
AAFSW is happy to learn that the Secretary of State has expanded the scope of the UT Children Medals and Certificates of Recognition Program. Please contact the GCLO Unaccompanied Tours team at GCLOAskUT@state.gov to receive more information about how to nominate your children.