SNEA: What is it and Does it Affect You

The Special Needs Education Allowance (SNEA) is designed to enable children with special needs posted abroad with their State Department families to approximate the same education advantages they would have if they were in the States. The child must have a Class 2 Medical Clearance and have at least a provisional acceptance at a school…

Seeking Foreign Service Family Stories and Memorabilia

I am seeking stories and memorabilia from your family’s life in the Foreign Service for inclusion in an exhibit showcasing the contributions of Foreign Service families as “diplomats behind the scenes.” Artifacts may include invitations, postcards, scrapbooks, paintings, drawings, sculpture, jewelry, textiles, costumes, musical instruments, video, photos, and other tangible items that bring to life…

Sudden Shifts – The New Pains…and Pleasures…of Working from Home During COVID

Sudden Shifts – The New Pains…and Pleasures…of Working from Home During COVID

I have been working remotely and from home for almost ten years.  In that span of time, I’ve learned how to navigate the isolation, overcome the unique challenges of disbursed team work and become familiar with a wide variety of online tools and in-home technology that I can leverage to make my job easier.  I…


Why Willpower Doesn’t Work, and What We Need Instead 

Friday, Dec. 4, 10:30 – noon Washington DC time An AAFSW Wellness Workshop on Zoom   We often assume we can rely on willpower to get us through difficult moments or temptations — and when we don’t succeed, we blame ourselves, thinking we’re just not strong enough. But almost nobody can depend on willpower alone….