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Our Art & BookFair

Starting with a “Book Mart” in October, 1961, AAFSW has held a book sale every year at the State Department. This October, the Art & BookFair will once again offer books and treasures from all over the world. Our donors from the Foreign Service community have lived everywhere, and customers come to this sale knowing that they can find truly unique international items. This sale has raised $55,000 to $100,000 annually. Over the years that has added up to more than a million dollars.

AAFSW uses Art & BookFair funds to finance scholarships and many other activities in support of the Foreign Service community, from our website to informational programs and events of all types. Some of the proceeds, as well as in-kind donations, are given to DC-area community organizations.

Just as the family members of the Foreign Service depend on AAFSW to advocate for their interests, AAFSW itself depends on the income from the Art & BookFair to function. And we depend on our members to help make this event a success!

How can you help?

Donate items from your home, especially objects acquired overseas. We take art, textiles, jewelry, pottery, wooden carved creations, paintings, stamps, paper money, coins — anything from the countries that you have visited or posts in which you have lived. Small items can be sent in the mail, but we also pick up donations in the Washington, DC area.

Remind your friends and co-workers to do the same, especially those who are retiring, downsizing or moving.

Pick-ups (for donated items other than books) can be arranged by calling the BookRoom, 202-223- 5796, or by emailing bookroom@aafsw.org. Depending on the volume of donations we receive, we may decline to accept books after after August 31.

Volunteer your time during the year. If you have expertise in local art from a particular region of the world, such as South America, or knowledge of languages, we could really use help in pricing books and artifacts. You can get into the Department of State (DOS) with your diplomatic passport. Even if you are only here for a short time, we can use your help.

Volunteer for the Art & BookFair (A&BF), October 7-17! Email office@aafsw.org or call the AAFSW office (703-820- 5420) to volunteer or  download our volunteer form here .

The volunteers have a lot of fun! Art & BookFair is a unique experience, with its interesting books and artifacts, enthusiastic customers, and the old friends and colleagues that we run into from a former post!

AAFSW Art & BookFair Committee