AAFSW Group Tours Magnificent Hillwood Estate/Museum in DC

The weather was like midsummer during our visit, although it was September 13. I have visited the Hillwood Estate many times previously, one of the many hidden gems we can be proud of in DC and around the United States.

Our curator escorted us through the elegant rooms on every floor, where one is mesmerized by the variety of rare collections of every type and size, including precious gems, Fabergé eggs and an amazing china collection. Every magnificent piece has a fascinating story to tell. Marjorie Merriweather Post had a strong desire to select and collect the best. In fact, she said that “once the desire is there, and the seeds of the thrill of the search are sown, the collector is on his way.”

Mrs. Post purchased the 25-acre estate in Washington DC that became her home and a museum for her magnificent collection of French furnishings, Russian art and all that decorates and adorns this beautiful estate. There are also two more small buildings with special exhibits and periodically changing decor. The gardens are full of blooms most of the year; the landscaping, ponds, waterfall and all the surroundings are a must-see, and as you walk around it takes your breath away.

AAFSW’s new President, Joanna Athanasopoulos, was present and enjoyed every moment immensely. It was beautiful to have her presence on this AAFSW excursion. We have two very powerful women: Joanna and Sheila! Thank you Sheila Switzer for organizing the tour of Hillwood Estate and giving us an awesomely fun time.

-Troella Tyznik