“Challenging the Limitations of Metal Sculpture”, the Exhibit of Taiwanese Artist Hung Yi


AAFSW cordially invites AAFSW members and guests to a special exhibit, “Challenging the Limitations of Metal Sculpture” by Taiwanese artist Hung Yi, on Tuesday, September 26 at the Twin Oaks Estate in Washington, DC. One of the most beautiful landmarks in Washington, DC, the Twin Oaks Estate was built in 1888, and is located at 3225 Woodley Road NW, Washington, DC 20008.

There is limited space available. If you would like to see this special exhibit and enjoy a tour of this historical and beautiful mansion and its gardens, RSVP no later than September 22 to office@aafsw.org or call 703-820-5420. The charge is $5 for non-AAFSW members; there is no charge for members. Attendees may mail a check made out to AAFSW to: AAFSW Reservations, 4001 N. 9th Street #214, Arlington, VA 22203, or pay at the event.

Parking is available within the premises. Provide us with your license plate number when you RSVP (this is for the Twin Oaks security station).

We look forward to seeing you.

Sheila Switzer
AAFSW Program Chair

Bio of Hung Yi
Hung Yi was born in 1970 in Taichung, Taiwan. Known as one of the best Taiwanese contemporary artists in Asia, Hung Yi engulfs the viewer in feelings of harmony and auspiciousness. Hung Yi’s inspiration comes from his observations of the life around him and his own experiences. His artwork expresses a unique and unusual perspective that invokes joy and happiness in its viewers.

Hung Yi graduated from Taichung City’s Mingdao High School in 1988, where he studied Art and Design. Since the 1990’s. Hung Yi has received ample recognition for his art installations in public spaces. In 2000, Hung Yi was selected for Central Taiwan’s prestigious contemporary art residency program, Art Stock 20. In 2005, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, gave Hung Yi an outdoor exhibition. Hung Yi transformed the whole building into his iconic installation. That show displayed Yi’s strong Taiwanese roots and deep love of his hometown. In Hung Yi’s world, animals and humans are friends living in harmony, and therefore, when he sculpts animals, he animates them with his insight. In this period of time, Hung Yi is always exploring and experimenting and his artistic expression is constantly evolving.

In 2008, Hung Yi started working with In-Sian Gallery, where he had solo exhibitions in 2009 and 2010. His exhibitions were a sensation in the Taiwanese art world. Since his association with InSian Gallery, Hung Yi’s artwork has evolved and matured: the colors Hung Yi uses are more complicated and varied, and the shapes of his sculptures are forever evolving. Hung Yi likes to make his artworks intensely vivid, which is how he breathes new life into them. Hung Yi transcends the two-dimensionality of painting with his three-dimensional sculptures. By combining iconography and symbols with painted colors, a multi-layered world is created. Hung Yi’s artwork has a unique contemporary style and language. His achievements make him an important artist in the international contemporary art world.

After working tirelessly for more than a decade, Hung Yi and Insian Gallery have been invited repeatedly to have grand solo exhibitions. including in: Taipei Expo Park, Taichung City Hall Plaza, and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. In more recent years, Hung Yi has been focusing on international large-scale exhibitions. In 2013. he was invited to exhibit in the largest sculptural park in Asia – Hakone Open-air Museum in Tokyo. and again in 2014, in Maritime Square, Hong Kong. In 2015, Hung Yi and his animals landed in west coast of United States of America in San Francisco Civic Center Plaza.

Art in public spaces is not only an artistic choice, it is also a new trend in the art world. The exhibition space is not confined by traditional architectural constraints, and the public can easily access the artwork. In addition, public spaces invite the artist to find ways for their works to engage and interact with the environment and surrounding architecture. Currently, Hung Yi is a contemporary artist who proudly represents Taiwan. He wishes to forge connections internationally, to create new opportunities and represent Chinese culture with pride.