Winternational 2018: An Enjoyable International Experience in DC

Many AAFSW members as well as AAFSW Office Manger Barbara Reioux and I attended the “Winternational” Embassy Showcase in Washington, DC on December 6, with amazing displays from 53 embassies. The displays of costumes, traditions, food and culture were spectacular, beautiful, colorful, and authentic.

The event gave me a taste of countries I have already visited, and I was reminded of their beauties. The event awakened wonderful memories of these countries, and I became thirsty to revisit them!
Each embassy display was unique and beautiful in its own representation.

I enjoyed conversing with many diplomats representing more than a half a dozen embassies, and I also enjoyed trying on the national dress of some of the exhibiting embassies, such as a beautiful embroidered robe from Tajikistan (see photo). Winternational was an amazing experience.

I want to thank our AAFSW Member Ms. Jan Du Plain for inviting AAFSW members to the Annual Embassy Showcase in Washington, DC.

Thank you to Barbara and Jan Du Plain and all the embassies and everyone involved to make this event so special and extremely beautiful and enjoyable and very tasty too.

Troella Tyznik
AAFSW Assistant Treasurer