What Next for the Windsors?

What Next for the Windsors?
AAFSW and Welcome
DACOR Bacon House
Monday, November 4, 2019


On November 4th, over 90 Welcome to Washington (WTW) and AAFSW members had the special opportunity to attend a marvelous presentation by Patrick Jephson, former Chief of Staff to Diana, Princess of Wales.

The event was held at the historic DACOR Bacon House, which allowed for an intimate discussion with Mr. Jephson, who focused on the future of the Windsor’s in addition to fond recollections of his time with the Princess. WTW members were encouraged to bring potential members as their guests.

Joining in an event with AAFSW wonderfully exemplified how the two like minded organizations can work together in an arena that is of interest to both memberships. Welcome to Washington hopes to join forces again in the future. Many thanks to AAFSW for taking reservations, organizing the venue, and welcoming WTW members for an outstanding day.

Susan Hayes Long
Welcome to Washington International Club President