Wellness Workshop Jan. 21

“Laughter for Less Stress and More Positive Emotions”

An AAFSW Wellness Workshop on Zoom

Thursday, Jan. 21, 10:30 to noon Eastern time


Laughter has profound positive effects on both the body and mind. And this is true even when we laugh intentionally, especially in a group setting.

In this workshop, you’ll experience simple interactive activities to get you “laughing for no reason.” It’s a break from ordinary life that can lift your mood, improve your breathing, get you “out of your head and into your body,” and even strengthen your immune system. Exactly what we need in these times!

Deep breathing, some gentle physical movement, and positive affirmations are also part of Laughter Wellness. You’ll learn and practice easy techniques that you can use every day, whenever you need to reduce stress and “recharge your battery” with relaxation, peace of mind and more positive emotions.

Laughter Wellness is a variation of Laughter Yoga, which originated in India and is now spreading around the world. Find out more about the practice and its benefits at www.laughterwellness.org.  Your facilitator is certified health coach and laughter and mindfulness group leader Patricia Linderman, www.fierceafter45.com .

Contact office@aafsw.org to sign up for this free 1.5-hour workshop in our AAFSW wellness series (optional donation to the presenter).

Hope to see you there!

Sheila Switzer

AAFSW Program Chair