Weight Loss Strategies for Lasting Success: An Excellent Workshop with a Tasty, Healthy Mediterranean Lunch!

On May 28, once again Patricia Linderman gave a powerful seminar, this time about losing and controlling weight through a healthy Mediterranean style diet of whole foods and not processed foods. She presented exciting recent research showing that people can fill themselves to satisfaction with whole natural foods and still lose weight — pleasing the taste buds, stopping cravings, and nourishing the body at the same time.

Patricia began with an exploration of our personal motivations to get healthier, because people take action based on emotions, not just ideas. She led a breathing exercise to take air deep down the wider part of our lungs and exchange the stale air down there, nourishing our bodies with oxygen and helping us get away from our racing thoughts and become more aware of our physical selves. She provided two pages of twenty golden rules to lose weight and keep it off in a sustainable way.

Most enjoyably, AAFSW members were treated to a royal lunch, including baked salmon, spring greens, cheery orange tomatoes, cucumber with and without onion, olives, feta cheese, a medley of roasted vegetables, and other assorted items, including a dessert with blueberries and cantaloupe drizzled with organic natural peanut butter and sprinkled with snowy oatmeal flakes. A healthy meal with huge variety to satisfy any hunger and fill the body with high nutrients!

You may contact Patricia, a previous AAFSW President and an exceptional member too, so you can also experience her valuable health coaching at patricia@fierceafter45.com.

Troella Tyznik
AAFSW Assistant Treasurer