Wanted: Book Operations Manager

The Book Operations Manager has the overall responsibility for the management and operations of the BookRoom, BookStore and the annual Art&BookFair (working with the AAFSW Art&BookFair Chair and Treasurer). Applicant must be a member of AAFSW.

Duties include:

1. Organize the gathering, pricing, sorting, displaying, boxing, and storage of books for Art&BookFair.
2. Make pickups or coordinate pickups with volunteers. Applicant must be able to lift boxes of books.
3. Train and manage the activities of the volunteers who assist in the Book Store and Art&BookFair operations.
4. Maintain an up-to-date file of the names and titles of contacts in the State Department and outside vendors.
5. Count and record daily sales in the Book Store.
6. Cashier in Book Store when volunteer is not available.
7. Experience with Excel is preferred.

The Manager is paid hourly. The average is 30 hours per week. The work is generally done in the U.S. Department of State. The Book Store is to be open for 2.5 hours in the middle of every workday.

AAFSW pays DC Unemployment, Social Security, and Medicare contributions as required by law.

Hours will increase several weeks before the Annual Art and BookFair (ABF) and continue through ABF cleanup. Five days paid leave immediately after ABF is in lieu of overtime for this period.

Please apply by emailing treasurer@aafsw.org with subject line: Application Bk Rm Mgr