Volunteer with FSHub.org!

Exciting Volunteer Opportunity to Manage Key Online Resource
Can be done from overseas!

We’re looking for a self-motivated volunteer who is willing to serve the entire Foreign Service community by managing the Foreign Service Hub, FSHub.org.

The Hub gathers all Foreign Service resources, governmental, non-profit, social media and informal, into one convenient website. It has a webmaster and a volunteer team, but we need someone to manage it and take it to the next level.

Duties include:
– Seeking out a steady stream of new content for the Hub (or managing volunteers who do so) and submitting it to our webmaster.
– Raising awareness of the Hub and publicizing it in the FS community.
– Applying your ideas and creativity to improve the Hub. (We already have some initiatives like a great recurring photo contest with dedicated volunteers, but much more can be done!)

No special skills are required — although you can use and develop many skills through this work, such as search engine optimization, and it could be a great opportunity that can be leveraged into paid work.

The Hub was created by AAFSW thanks to a Cox Foundation grant. To apply for this volunteer position, please reply to office@aafsw.org.Thank you!