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Volunteer Opportunities


Want to help AAFSW but don’t have a regular schedule or want to do something less often? Quinn’s Auction sends us notice of their auctions and their free appraisals. You would monitor the emails, contact the appropriate Chair to see if there is anything to be appraised, sign up for a time slot and take the item/s to Quinns located in Falls Church, VA. Nothing is huge so handling it will not be a problem. Contact Anne Kauzlarich for more information: Anne.kauzlarich@aafsw.org.


With the sad passing of our beloved Betty Swope, we are now in need of someone who loves jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is evaluated – looked up if necessary – then priced. During Art & BookFair, you are very important. The work can be done from home or there is a designated area in the BookStore for your convenience. Sorting and display will continue to be handled by Pat Kennedy. Contact Anne.Kauzlarich@aafsw.org for details.

Won’t you join us? AAFSW runs on volunteers. Without you, there will be no scholarships or programs for our Foreign Service/Civil Service families and community.