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Volunteer for AAFSW’s 2017 Art & BookFair!

Who are these happy people? It’s (back row) Lucy, Joanna, June, (from left to right) Anne, Sarah, Barbara, Mette, Martine, and Sri. But someone is missing – YOU. Did you know it takes more than 100 volunteers to put on the Art & BookFair (A&BF)? Volunteers work from November to the following October in preparation for A&BF. Do you have a morning or afternoon once a week? – or every two weeks? – or once a month? There are so many different tasks to do that there is something for everyone.

For instance, donations need to be picked up; books need to be priced; books need sorting/shelving; books need to be boxed; boxes of art donations need to be opened; objects sometimes need a little cleaning; some items need small repairs; the BookStore needs cashiers. These are just some areas where we need your help. Please join us! We have a lot of laughs, get the work done, and provide a service in the State Department.
A&BF needs a Hospitality Coordinator. We provide heavy snacks on the two weekends of A&BF. The coordinator asks for volunteer contributions of light fare such as cheese and sausage (or cold cuts, etc.), nuts, chips, etc. Additionally, someone must be in the Volunteer Room: if you want to help but cannot stand for a long time, this may be just the job for you.

We are all a part of AAFSW and want to do our part. A&BF proceeds go to the scholarship fund. Call and talk to Martine, BookRoom Manager, at 202-223-5796; email office@aafsw.org; or contact Anne Kauzlarich, Art and BookFair Chair, at 703-869-6969.

Anne Kauzlarich

AAFSW Art and BookFair Committee Chair