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Virtual Cooking Workshop with Patricia Linderman

Tuesday, Sept. 28
10:30 to noon Eastern time, on Zoom
Vegetables are a powerhouse of health, helping us feel great, prevent cancer, and so much more. But they can be challenging and time-consuming to prepare. 
On Patricia Linderman’s journey to better health, she learned many easy, quick and delicious ways to prepare all sorts of vegetables, and she’s excited to share them with you. From her small home kitchen, she will demonstrate how to prepare a whole week’s worth of deliciously seasoned vegetables in a short time. Feel free to cook along!  
Because AAFSW’s Art and BookFair is canceled due to COVID, we are asking for a $15 contribution ($10 for paid members) for this workshop, all of which goes to AAFSW. 
Please sign up here: https://calendly.com/fierceafter45/aafsw-vegetable-cooking-workshop or contact patricia@fierceafter45.com with any questions. Find out more about Patricia’s work at www.fierceafter45.com .
We hope to see you there!