Unpack: A Guide to Life as an Expat Spouse by Lana Wimmer and Tanya Arler

Who is the expat spouse, and what do they do?  The expat spouse takes care of the details, makes sure the kids are okay, that they have friends and are keeping up with a new school’s curriculum, staying engaged in good activities. The expat spouse packs lunches, makes dinners, and volunteers in-between. She listens to her kids talk about their day as she tucks them into bed in a far-away country at night. She watches for expiration dates on the milk (and on the passports), keeps track of when insurance is due and when it’s time to renew the visas. The expat spouse maintains ties with loved ones from a distance, while making time to connect with new friends in need of support
close by. The expat spouse is the glue holding their homes together, until they are needed to disassemble the pieces, move, and build again.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a book that supported expat spouses—the ones who carries the emotional work and task of caring for the family?  

Unpack: a guide to life for the expat spouse is a book written by Lana Wimmer, the spouse of a foreign service officer, and fellow expat friend Tanya Arler. Together they’ve created a guidebook with straightforward answers to questions, such as, how do you transition your kids to a new country and school, adjust to a new culture, and build a whole new network of friends? With over 15 international moves between them – you’ll find inspiration and wisdom to handle your expat dilemmas. 

An absolute primer to easily reference along your sometimes bumpy road to expat living. While no one will ever be an expert at transitions, this book is a valuable tool to help gauge your expectations and emotions as you transition through your cycle of mobility in your expat life style. -Becky Henderson, CLO Coordinator US Embassy Oman

I strongly recommend this book for anyone about to take the exciting step of living in a foreign country. -Sara Mann, US Foreign Service Officer, former US military officer

Unpack is available in paperback and ebook on Amazon and Barnes&Noble!