Troella & Walter Tyznik Celebrate Their Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary

Troella and Walter Tynzik recently celebrated their Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary with many of their friends. On April 27th, a good friend of the Tynziks, Dr. Keith Wright, invited many AAFSW members as well as other friends of the Tyzniks to a private 50th anniversary party at the restaurant at the George Washington Mount Vernon Inn.

Ms. Yolanda Smith, an event planner from the Richmond, Virginia area, used her talents to bring out the golden anniversary theme. She and her business partner, Tony Harris, decorated the room with golden chargers, gold and blue napkins, golden anniversary décor, flowers and balloons, a cake, a variety of cupcakes, and other items to create a festive atmosphere for the event.

Guests enjoyed finger food and crab dip made by Troella, and then enjoyed the specialties of the Inn. No guest left without a favor as Walter and Troella offered favor gift bags to everyone. Mr. Anthony Pryor of Stonehaven Publishing was the photographer, who showcased the natural and relaxed atmosphere of the celebration.

Live music was played by guitarist Scott Castonguay and Dr. Keith Wright, who was on the flute. The two musicians filled the air with sweet melodious enjoyable gentle sounds of bossa novas and songs such as Black Orpheus, Corcovado, Blue Bossa, What Are You doing With The Rest of Your Life, and A Quiet Place.

Walter met Troella on April 23, 1969 in a hospital. Troella’s father invited Walter to a dinner the very next day, April 24. Troella followed her true destiny or God’s divine plan and married Walter soon after their first meeting. Fifty years later, Walter and Troella have celebrated over a half century together and are blessed beyond words! Walter and Troella are a unique couple as they were total strangers who united two different religions and cultures, and they worked together to bond as one and overcome the overwhelming issues life brings.

All of us at AAFSW celebrate together with Walter and Troella as they are a true example of how trust, love, friendship, communication, forgiveness, understanding, patience, and faith allow a couple to sail through a long prosperous life together as one. Tough times don’t last; tough people do. It is obvious that Walter’s and Troella’s resilience to survive and be there for one another is the fabric which links their spirits to one another. We wish them all the best and many more years of life together!

Sheila Switzer
AAFSW Program Chair