Troella Tyznik Retires

Wishing All the Best and a Wonderful Retirement to AAFSW’s Assistant Treasurer and Exceptional Volunteer Troella Tyznik!

AAFSW would like to inform its members and volunteers that we received a letter of resignation from the AAFSW Assistant Treasurer, Troella Tyznik. Troella wishes to withdraw from all volunteer positions and duties with AAFSW “due to multiple health problems and personal issues.”

AAFSW has regretfully accepted Troella Tyznik’s resignation and permanent withdrawal from her AAFSW membership and all AAFSW activities.

Troella has been one of AAFSW long time members and most dedicated volunteers. She was elected AAFSW Assistant Treasurer in the summer of 2016. Since she joined AAFSW, Troella has been present in most AAFSW events and AAFSW Foreign Born Spouses (FBS) events and has offered her support and volunteer service with a lot of generosity. For this, Troella received the 2017 AAFSW Volunteer of the Year Award.

AAFSW regrets the reasons that forced Troella’s resignation and permanent withdrawal from her AAFSW membership and participation in the AAFSW events. AAFSW and AAFSW FBS members will certainly miss Troella’s presence, vibrant personality, and caring heart.

AAFSW thanks Troella for all the years of volunteer service to AAFSW and wishes Troella and her family well.