Troella Tyznik — Assistant Treasurer

Troella Tyznik is the new Assistant Treasurer and has served in numerous posts around the world. Her husband served in Rome while she served in the Vatican, helping with the process of opening the embassy there under the Reagan administration. They then went to Havana, Cuba, and were the only diplomats who were also posted to Guantanamo Military Base, 1978-1980. Following this, they were posted to Paris, DC, Frankfurt, and then DC again before retiring with many wonderful memories and friends they still enjoy!
Troella has the desire as well as the qualifications to help AAFSW as Assistant Treasurer. In Tokyo, she served for two years as Foreign Exchange Head Cashier. She also worked for two years in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as a Head Cashier at the Navy Exchange, handling hundreds of thousands of dollars each day for U.S. personnel and foreign nationals. She was also responsible for millions of dollars of Federal funds as a proofreader for the People’s Bank of the Tri States, Alabama, Florida and Georgia, for four and a half years. She reports that numbers and math are her motto!