Tomb of Christ Exhibit: An Interactive Exhibition

On April 24, 35 AAFSW members and friends enjoyed a unique and engaging experience at the “Tomb of Christ” exhibit at the National Geographic Museum.

First there was a very informative film giving the historical background of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which encloses the Edicule, a small structure built above the place where many believe Jesus was buried.
This was followed by the virtual tour—an excellent use of the magic of technology and 3D film– that transported us to this ancient holy place in Jerusalem. The virtual tour was a unique and intense experience, which even left some of us dizzy. We got a close up view of the Edicule, and experienced the church’s famed Holy Fire ceremony.

After the virtual tour, we viewed fascinating exhibits which explained the delicate and complicated process of restoring the Edicule and Church. Afterward many of us visited other parts of the museum, including an amazing photography exhibit showing birds in their natural habitat.

This was a beautiful experience to have among friends.

I would recommend everyone to go as soon as possible before it ends.

Anireves F.Torres