They’re Coming Home from Caracas and Moscow

Families affected by the ordered evacuation from Caracas and the drawdown from Russia have started to arrive in the DC area. The AAFSW Evacuation Support Network is ready to help. Ann La Porta, the Coordinator, sent out the call for volunteers and 88 people have replied so far.

Ann has communicated with the CLOs in Caracas and Moscow. One volunteer designed a flyer which will be put into each evacuee’s sheaf of information which FLO gives them. Another volunteer has offered one month’s free tutoring for children affected by the evacuation. She owns the tutoring company Twiga Tutors.

So far three families have asked for help: one for advice with home schooling, one for advice on Falls Church schools and one for help in shopping. All have been matched with volunteers.

The brand new CLO in Moscow sent the Network a thank you note which said in part: “Many thanks for all that you and your volunteers do, believe me — we feel a little better about seeing our friends, neighbors and colleagues leave when we know that there are friends waiting to help them out in the DC/VA area.” That’s what the Network tries to be — a friend when you need it the most.

Ann La Porta
AAFSW Evacuation Support Network Coordinator