Successful 2016 Women’s History Month Celebration and Panel Discussion

Left to right: Ambassador Connie Morella, Lael Mohib, Rear Admiral Susan Blumenthal. Photo by Silvia Diaz de Moore.

AAFSW members and friends were treated to an outstanding trio of speakers at the Women’s History Month Celebration and Panel Discussion on March 4.

Former Congresswoman, Ambassador Connie Morella, inspired listeners with her personal journey through the hallways of power, and stressed the need for women to keep fighting for their goals.

Lael Mohib, founder of the Enabled Children Initiative and wife of the Afghan Ambassador to the United States,  offered guests reason to be hopeful  about the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan. She described the determination of Afghan President Ghani and the First Lady to effect a shift in cultural attitudes toward women in this ancient nation. She also noted the large number of young Afghans (including men) who have voiced their support for women’s rights in recent times.

Rear Admiral Susan J. Blumenthal  provided a breathtaking overview of the major threats to women’s health around the world, and the “CPR”  need to combat these threats: Covering All Women; Putting Prevention First; and Research.

Dr. Blumenthal urged all the attendees to become advocates for women’s health, in the fight to eradicate these health threats.

–Barbara Reioux