Working Overseas

An Overview of Family Member Employment
Nicole Schaefer McDaniel offers a general overview of the current state of Eligible Family Member employment in the Foreign Service.

Working in Missions Overseas
Telecommuting and Self-Employment
Career Tips and Tools

Working In Missions Overseas

Ideas for Improving Family Member Employment in Overseas Missions
How can the State Department improve employment opportunities for Foreign Service family members? By Nicole Schaefer McDaniel.

Telecommuting and Self-Employment

Interview with Rebecca Grappo, FS Spouse Entrepreneur
A profile of the owner and operator of RNG International Educational Consultants, LLC.

Ladies, Start Your Businesses!
Marketing and business coach Stephanie Ward offers advice tailored to new female entrepreneurs.

Starting an Internet-Based Home Business
By Shay de Silva, owner and operator of Fast Fitness to Go.

Telecommuting While Overseas: A Proposal.
Kyle Fischer discusses the potential of a tax benefit as an incentive to hire State Department family members.

Career Tips and Tools

Making LinkedIn Work for YOU

Bob Castro, founder of a LinkedIn group for Foreign Service family members, offers his advice on using LinkedIn to advance your career while accompanying your Foreign Service Officer to overseas posts.

How Volunteering Will Get You the Position You Want

Anna Sparks, an international career coach, shares how to make volunteering work for you, in the first of a new career tips series.

Best Practices for Updating Your Resume

The second article in Anna Sparks’ series, find great information about updating your resume and how to make yourself stand out as a job candidate.

How to Address a Break in Employment

Anna Sparks with specific tips on how to re-enter the workplace after an hiatus.


Family Member Employment: One Spouse’s Decision
Anne Wilder, attorney and Foreign Service spouse, on the lack of professional opportunities in missions abroad.

On Being a Male Spouse in the Foreign Service
Gene Morris on keeping an open mind toward employment and everything else as a male.

The “Eligible Family Member” Work Situation
FSO Caitlin Hartford outlines her EFM husband’s experience with employment at an overseas

The Long Road from EFM to FSO
Former Eligible Family Member, now Foreign Service Officer Kim Eggerton on her experiences with EFM employment overseas and ultimate decision to become an FSO herself.

Who Are You Calling “Eligible”?
Writer and editor Kelly Bembry Midura on opting out of embassy employment overseas.


Community Development in Zambia
SOSA nominee Jan Irene Miller describes bringing electricity to a small Zambian village.

Just Do It: Volunteering in the Foreign Service
Leslie Ashby interviews winners of the Secretary of State’s Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad on their amazing experiences.

Making Volunteerism Work for You
Jan Fischer Bachman on finding and documenting resumé-worthy volunteer experiences.

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