FS Spouse Mentors

AAFSW has a program of one-on-one spouse mentoring, created primarily for new A-100 spouses and first-tour spouses. We are trying to match mentoring volunteers from our AAFSW membership with mentoring requests from the “newbies” based on as many points in common as possible: ages of children, languages spoken, areas of professional interest, and the like.

We have already paired 26 new trailing spouses/partners with enthusiastic mentors and we are eagerly awaiting feedback from those involved. Of course, we need lots more volunteers, especially those whose spouses are still active duty, and are still likely to be serving overseas.

This program has the potential to do two wonderful and worthwhile things — help people who are new to the Foreign Service with their many life challenges, and create the next generation of AAFSW leaders.

If you know of anyone who might want or need mentoring, or if you are interested in becoming a mentor yourself, please complete the form below.

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