For Seniors/Retirees

Facilitation and Consultation

AAFSW provides presenters to many of the Foreign Service Institute’s Transition Center courses aimed at providing information to both employees and family members.

Notably, AAFSW provides a facilitator for the spouse-oriented portions of the Transition Center’s Job Search Program. This course explores the changes that occur in the entire family’s life after retiring from the Foreign Service.  The Foreign Service is not only a career, it is a way of life.  While you and your spouse or partner may be looking forward to what’s next, many of you will find it hard to leave behind the FS life.

To help you get your bearings, AAFSW presents Life After the Foreign Service for family members.  The informal discussion takes place during the job search segment of the Foreign Service Institute Transition Center’s retirement course.  The conversation is guided by Faye Barnes, a former eligible family member with 30 years experience in the Foreign Service way of life.

For two and half hours, participants cover such subjects as: what you need to know; finding your strengths; what has a mobile lifestyle given you; managing your finances; planning for medical events; what makes you happy; and where to find support,  among other topics.  It is a give and take session, with everyone given the opportunity to share, while taking from others’ experience.

Information about LAFS is provided in course materials for the retiring officer. AAFSW also announces upcoming dates for the LAFS sessions on this website and Facebook page.

For further details, please contact Faye at


AAFSW regularly contributes volunteer speakers to AFSA-hosted Elderhostel programs. These twice-yearly programs serve to educate and inform the public about the Foreign Service. Each week-long program has a geographic theme and gives participants the opportunity to visit the State Department, FSI, and an embassy relating to the theme. The programs are enthusiatically received and rewarding for all concerned. For more information about the Elderhostel programs, visit the American Foreign Service Association at

Senior Living

The AAFSW provides informal support and referrals to elderly Foreign Service family members. For more information email