Other Services

AAFSW offers a range of services to specific groups in the Foreign Service community.

Newcomers to the Foreign Service

We love to welcome newcomers! In the Washington, D.C. area, AAFSW sponsors regular happy hours  as well as frequent information sessions and discussion sessions on various Foreign Service topics. A successful AAFSW mentoring program matches newcomers with experienced Foreign Service family members. Many other DC­ area programs may be of interest to newcomers to the Foreign Service. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep updated on our our events!

Whether you are in Washington, DC or overseas, we welcome your participation in our many social media groups. Crowdsourced experience and information will help you make the most of your time in our community!

Finally, don’t forget to check out our many publications, authored by and for members of the Foreign Service community.

Foreign Service Youth

AAFSW offers merit scholarships  to children of Foreign Service employees. We also coordinate with the Foreign Service Youth Foundation on a variety of projects, seminars, and social events. Read more about FSYF.

Divorcing Spouses

AAFSW offers advice to Foreign Service spouses/partners who are experiencing separation and/or divorce. Contact divorce@aafsw.org for more information.

Spouses may also find our Money Matters collection of articles to be of interest.

Retired Foreign Service Community Members

AAFSW welcomes the participation of retired Foreign Service employees and spouses in all of ouractivities. We are also happy to provide referrals or assistance when possible. Email us at retiree@aafsw.org for more information.

AAFSW also provides a facilitator for the spouse-­oriented portions of the Transition Center’s retirement course. Life After the Foreign Service (LAFS) is a special seminar for family members of Foreign Service Officers.

The discussion is guided by Faye Barnes, a former Eligible Family Member with 30 years experience in the Foreign Service community. Participants cover such subjects as: what you need to know; finding your strengths; what has a mobile lifestyle given you; managing your finances; planning for medical events; what makes you happy; and where to find support, among other topics.

Information about LAFS is provided in course materials for the retiring officer or email retiree@aafsw.org

For information on any of the services provided by AAFSW, please feel free to contact us at office@aafsw.org at any time.