Senior Living Foundation, A time of Service, A Time of Need

In 2016 the generous contributions from individuals, corporate gifts, and bequests, totaling over $620,000,have made it possible for the Senior Living Foundation (SLF) to continue to provide assistance to Foreign Service personnel and their spouses. SLF has defrayed the costs of home health care services, senior housing, and long term care and reviewed and provided many grants for financial assistance such as for widows awaiting the processing of their Surviving Spouse and/or life insurance claims.

The Resource Center helped active duty personnel, especially those overseas, make decisions for aging family members. It also gave guidance to those who needed help planning for the next stage of their lives. SLF remains committed to its mission of “taking care of its own.” Please contact or call 202-887-8170 for more information.

Marc Grossman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SLF
from his March 2017 Foundation Newsletter