Senior Living Foundation – An Extension of the Foreign Service Family

The Senior Living Foundation of the American Foreign Service was founded in 1988. SLF distributes more than $200,000 each year in grants to retired FSOs in need of support. It has been successful because of the support and cooperation of many other parts of the Foreign Service community.

When a recent widow or widower contacts HRSC to report the death of a retired FSO, they learn that it will take months to process the paperwork and any survivor benefits. Our colleagues at HRSC refer those widows worried about making ends meet to the Foundation. Advice, professional services, emergency and ongoing support are some of the ways SLF helps in these situations.

Regularly, SLF staff meet with staff the Retirement Office (RET) at State. This provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss how each can support the other. RET staff are able to refer retirees to SLF when they are facing a large expense or life changing decision and need help.

SLF continues its cooperation with AFSA. The Retiree Vice President is a great advocate for retired FSOs and has been helpful in spreading the word about SLF. During recent disasters, the Retiree VP and SLF have promoted the services of SLF to retirees who may have been affected by storms and fires.

SLF appreciates the support of AAFSW in sharing how the Foundation can help our colleagues.

Kyle Longton and Paula Jakub
Senior Living Foundation