The Senior Living Foundation of the American Foreign Service

The Senior Living Foundation (SLF) of the American Foreign Service seeks to provide support to the retired Foreign Service community – including divorced and surviving spouses – in a variety of ways. In 2015, SLF was contacted by a retired FS employee who was concerned about the care she was receiving in a rehabilitation center. She had fallen at home and was not discovered for several days. The Foundation arranged for a geriatric care manager (GCM) to visit with her, assess her care, and make recommendations for improving her care. When the retiree was released she shared her experience and thanks with the SLF staff. It has been edited for length and confidentiality.

“I am grateful that I had the Senior Living Foundation to turn to in my time of need. The GCM promptly visited me. After I voiced my concerns, she was able to have interviews with my case worked and other health care professionals who were working for my care. It was then determined that I was getting adequate care, but that a few minor adjustments had to be made in order for me to be more comfortable for the next three months.

“The GCM telephoned and visited me regularly and accompanied me on hospital visits. She was the one who kept me informed of my progress because she intervened for me at the rehabilitation facility. She and her team assisted in preparing for my release to release and return home, and all went smoothly.

“Thanks to the Senior Living Foundation and the excellent attention I received from the GCM my recovery seemed to go much faster. I know that I can call on the Foundation or the GCM at any time.”

SLF Executive Director Paula Jakub with SLF Chairman Marc Grossman.

In addition to the assistance provided to the retired FS community, SLF serves as a resource for active duty FSOs. The SLF Resource Center can provide guidance to FSOs and their families who are assisting their aging family members through life’s transitions. SLF can connect families to state and local agencies as well as private care management firms throughout the country.

On September 15, 2016, SLF will offer its 7th Planning for Change Seminar. The half-day event will feature speakers on prescription drugs, nutrition and health for seniors, State Department annuities, and wills and trusts. More information will be available from SLF in the months ahead.

SLF Executive Director Paula Jakub with SLF Chairman Emeritus Joan Clark.

Please visit the SLF website at to learn more about the Foundation, including how to support their efforts. You can also visit their table at Foreign Affairs Day at the Department of State on Friday, May 6.