Saudi Arabia Cultural Program on September 24

AAFSW cordially invites you to join us on Saturday, September 24 at 6 p.m. for a unique Arabian cultural program at the King Abdullah Cultural Hall (KACH), followed by dinner at the Aldeerah restaurant. The KACH is a part of the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, and is a small museum with state of the art technology, highlighting both old and modern Saudi Arabia.

Following a one-hour guided tour of the KACH, we will continue our Arabian night experience and indulge ourselves at a culinary mecca with an authentic Bedouin dinner at Aldeerah, where we will enjoy live oud music (singing by request). The oud is considered to be “the king of instruments” and the oldest musical instrument. It is the most central instrument in the Middle Eastern music tradition.

Dr. Mody Alkhalaf, the former assistant attaché for cultural and social affairs at the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, is the owner of Aldeerah, which is inspired by the nomadic Bedouin culture and was named one of the top fifty restaurants in Northern Virginia.

Transportation and parking:
KACH is located at 8500 Hilltop Rd Fairfax, VA 22031. There are parking spaces right outside the building (marked KACH). The nearest metro station is Dunn Loring station, which is a 20 minute walk. Please note that all guests will go through security before entering the building.
Aldeerah is located a mile away from KACH at 262 Cedar Ln SE, Vienna, VA 22180. There is parking available at the restaurant for dinner.

RSVP by Monday, September 18 and please send a $38 (per person) check made out to AAFSW to our office at 4001 North Ninth Street, Suite 214, Arlington VA, 22203 with your selection from the following menu options, noting that soft drinks and iced tea are also included:

Lentil soup or Shoufan soup (a local favorite)

Entrees, served with a garden salad (choose one)
**Chicken Kabsa: Rice cooked in chicken broth, topped with half chicken ( garnished with fried onions)

**Lamb Mandi: Lamb marinated in special sauce, slowly grilled in oven and accentuated with traditional smoked flavor, served with Basmati long-grain rice cooked in broth then also smoked; (garnished with fried onions)

**Sayadiya : A traditional dish from the western region; grilled fish served with rice cooked in caramelized onions, topped with a garnish of fried onions and served with special sauce.

Kinafah with cream or Basbosah

We look forward to seeing you,
Sheila Switzer