Restructuring of the AAFSW EFM Employment Working Group: New AAFSW EFM Employment Working Group Coordinator

The AAFSW Board wishes to let its members know of the refocusing and restructuring of our AAFSW EFM Employment Working Group. Along with many other AAFSW members, Aleksandar Blagoevski-Trazoff, longtime AAFSW member and current EFM, will help AAFSW and its Board coordinate key initiatives, reach out to contacts, and promote EFM employment with key stakeholders such as the Department of State, the legislative branch, and taxpayers.

Some of the goals of this restructuring initiative include internal and external activities in an effort to keep EFM programs and positions active by analyzing the impact and benefits of EFM employment, motivate and engage current AAFSW members, and get prospective EFMs to join the organization and the AAFSW EFM Working Group.

Energetic AAFSW members and EFMs who would like to help AAFSW promote EFM employment issues can get in touch with AAFSW at and AAFSW will connect you with the EFM Employment Working Group Coordinator.