Ratna Cary

I am originally from Indonesia. We joined the Foreign Service in 2004. We have lived in Dhaka, Muscat, Singapore, Jakarta, and DC, and my husband also served in Helmand Province,-Afghanistan. We have experienced Medical Evacuation, living separation, a country’s coup d’état.  And we found all the resources and help going through every situation from AAFSW (and FLO, CLO, Livelines). 

I have a bachelor degree in Agriculture from one of Indonesia’s universities and continued my Master’s degree in Business Management in Seattle, Washington. While in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I joined charity foundations and social work, and served as the Treasurer of Dhaka American Women’s Club. In Jakarta I worked professionally as a Managing Director, working in health and early education; served as one of Board Directors of a Blind Foundation; served as one of three Board advisors of Mixed-Marriage Foundation. I also volunteer my time together with some doctors and dentists in giving free medical and dental services for the underprivileged communities in Jakarta and its surrounding area; and in helping refugees who are stranded in Indonesia–educating their children and built a library for them funded by the Simon Kirby funds.  My current activity is as the Program Coordinator for The Spouses of International Cultural Exchange – National Defense University, DC.

We are currently living in Silver Spring, Maryland with our three boys.