The Foreign Service Companion

Every day, somewhere in the world, Foreign Service community members are in the midst of moving. Some have moved a dozen times or more, and lived to tell about it! They tell their tales in this book, a collection of advice, stories and entertaining anecdotes to serve as your “companion” along the way.

Foreign Service CompanionTopics covered include:

  • leaving the U.S. for an overseas post
  • returning “home” to the Washington, D.C., area
  • moving to other posts in the U.S.
  • sorting and downsizing belongings before packout
  • digitizing and backing up important household records
  • creating a home inventory
  • helping children of various ages deal with a move
  • safely shipping pets
  • packing for an ordered evacuation from an overseas post
  • planning for an unaccompanied tour
  • shopping for consumables for a hardship post
  • special considerations for foreign-born spouses
  • taking care of ourselves during a transfer
  • and much more!

Whether you are a veteran of many Foreign Service moves or a brand-new officer or family member preparing for your first packout, there is surely something in this book that you can use–or at that will at least give you a laugh when you most need one!

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