Presentation by Ambassador Valeriy Chaly of Ukraine

It was an honor for AAFSW to host Ambassador Valeriy Chaly of Ukraine, who gave us the opportunity to learn more about the past history and current historic challenges and opportunities for all Ukrainians in this beautiful country in Europe. The Benjamin Franklin Room on the State Department’s 8th Floor is a unique and regal place to visit, especially when the speaker is a distinguished representative to the United States such as his Excellency Ambassador Valeriy Chaly.

More than a hundred guests attended to honor the Ambassador and hear about many interesting topics, such as the many issues faced by Ukrainians each day and their strivings to make their nation safe, prosperous and successful. Ukraine faces many confrontations with Russia, and Britain has signed a new defense pact to help this nation.

Ukrainians are welcoming foreign investments that are sprouting along their western border. Although this nation’s recent history of strife has made some companies hesitant to move in, Ukraine will prosper because the Ukrainians want a country that is very successful and a great nation in Europe, the Ambassador asserted.

– Troella Tyznik