Post Facebook Groups

AAFSW has compiled this list of Facebook groups at overseas posts for general reference. Two types of groups are listed: Closed, and Secret. In addition, it is noted whether a group is run by the post’s Community Liaison Office or community volunteers.

Please do not distribute this list outside the American Foreign Service community.

Closed Groups

These groups have a public URL, but membership is restricted to mission community members. Some are administrated by Community Liaison Office Coordinators (CLOs) and Assistants, and some by members of the Embassy community.

Brasilia, Brazil
Diplomatic Baggage in Brasilia (CLO)

Columbo, Sri Lanka
Serendipity Columbo (CLO)

Copenhagen, Denmark
The Viking Social Club (CLO)

Dakar, Senegal (CLO)
CLO Dakar

Kinshasa, Congo
Kinshasa Kinship (community volunteers)

Riga, Latvia (CLO)
CLO Riga

Seoul, Korea
Kimchi and Apple Pie
 (community volunteers)

Tirana, Albania

Vienna, Austria
Vienna Vagabonds (community volunteers)

Secret Groups

These groups do not have a public URL. Contact the CLO at post to be added to the group.

Casablanca, Morocco

Chennai, India
Chennai Social Club (CLO)

Chisinau, Moldova
CLO Chisinau

Djibouti, Djibouti
Joy of Djibouti

Guadalajara, Mexico
Temporary Tapatios (community volunteers)

Johannesburg, South Africa
Consulate Johannesburg Group

Managua, Nicaragua
CLO Managua

Manila, Philippines
CLO Manila

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
CLO Port of Spain

Sao Paolo, Brazil
Sao Paulo Consulate Community Group

Tel Aviv, Israel
CLO Tel Aviv