A Perfect Gathering at the Byrne Art Gallery in Middleburg

On October 14, a group of 35 AAFSW members and guests went to the historic town of Middleburg, VA. The town itself is unique and famous for its charming and historically preserved beauty. Once there, we went to the Byrne Art Gallery and viewed a contemporary art exhibit that was a collection works by Cuban-born artist Rafael Torres Correa.

After viewing the art exhibit, we broke up into smaller groups and went to lunch. The fall weather was just perfect and after enjoying a scrumptious meal, we took a mini tour of majestic, romantic Middleburg. We visited a number of stores, including several antiques shops, and enjoyed viewing the merchandise that they had for sale — some of us even made purchases! We saw numerous old stone buildings with beautiful architecture. This was a really enjoyable gathering for everyone, and we all had a splendid time.

Troella Tyznik