Patricia Linderman Receives the 2015 Lesley Dorman Award

If you’ve been a member of AAFSW for any time at all, it is likely that you have come across Patricia Linderman, whether you’ve seen her name or met her in person. Patricia has played a huge role in many aspects of AAFSW over the years and it is our privilege to announce that she has won this year’s Lesley Dorman Award.

In 1993 AAFSW decided to honor Lesley Dorman for her accomplishments and untiring efforts on behalf of the Foreign Service community by creating the Lesley Dorman Award. The award recognizes an AAFSW member who has performed outstanding service in all aspects of the organization.

Over the years, in addition to her mobile work activities — including writing, translating, editing, and teaching German — Patricia Linderman has contributed to the organization in many ways, large and small. Notably, served as volunteer president of AAFSW from 2011 to 2014. Although she modestly reports that she was blessed with a terrific team during her time as president, Patricia herself has much to do with the success of many recent AAFSW achievements, as she played a large role in keeping everything organized and on track, among other things.

Patricia and her husband, consular officer Phillip Linderman, joined the Foreign Service in 1990, and they have enjoyed overseas postings in Port of Spain, Santiago, Havana, Leipzig, Guayaquil and currently Nuevo Laredo, where Phil is Consul General. They have two sons, now 20 and 23.

Although no longer serving as president, she is currently still involved several AAFSW projects, such as the Post Representatives Network. Her goal is to continue supporting AAFSW as a strong voice for spouses and partners and an organization that brings everyone in the Foreign Service together, in accordance with the tagline adopted under her watch, “Where the Foreign Service Becomes a Community.”

Congratulations Patricia and thank you for all of your hard work!