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The Passing of Lesley Dorman

AAFSW is saddened to inform our members that Lesley Dorman passed away on August 19. Lesley Dorman was AAFSW president from 1976 to 1981, and served AAFSW in many other capacities, including Program Chair, Housing Office Chair and Public Relations Chair. In 1977, she directed the Forum Committee survey that resulted in the influential “Report on the Concerns of Foreign Service Spouses and Families.” The report convinced then-Secretary Cyrus Vance to support the creation of the Family Liaison Office, which was opened in 1978 with Lesley’s involvement. Lesley was also involved with the creation of the Overseas Briefing Center, and helped secure survivor annuities and pro-rata pension shares for divorced spouses by testifying on Capitol Hill. We will have more on Lesley’s remarkable life in the next issue of the Global Link.