Pandemic-Proof Your Health

Pandemic-Proof Your Health

Wednesday, Nov. 4, 10:30 – noon Washington DC time

An AAFSW Wellness Workshop on Zoom


What a year it has been! More stress, less activity. Fewer farmer’s markets, more comfort food. And now the holidays are coming — what will that be like in 2020?

In AAFSW’s November workshop, we’ll put a new twist on our traditional “Holiday-Proof Your Health” topic. We’ll dive deeply into the real issues we’re all facing and create solid strategies for positive change in the following areas:

– Moderation and healthier (but still enjoyable) choices for food and drink

– Keeping our bodies moving at home

– Stress management and social connection



Please RSVP to if you’d like to join us:

Wednesday, Nov. 4 (the day after Election Day, talk about stress!) 

10:30 to noon (Washington, DC time)

Interactive workshop on Zoom

Cost: Free with optional donation to the presenter.


Your presenter is habit change / weight loss coach and AAFSW volunteer Patricia Linderman. Find out more about her work at

This is part of a series of wellness workshops organized by AAFSW Program Chair Sheila Switzer. Sign up by emailing — we look forward to seeing you!

Sheila Switzer

AAFSW Program Chair