Outstanding Program on Pakistani Culture


Many thanks to our awesome host Mrs. Musarat Bozai for hosting a superb Pakistani Program! Around 36 AAFSW members and guests participated in this beautiful cultural event, sponsored by the Foreign-Born Spouses Group.

Most of the ladies dressed in traditional clothing from their countries, in a great variety of colors and styles. An authentic Pakistani lunch was offered, with a large selection of delicacies home-prepared by our lovely host Mrs. Musarat and her family.

Mrs. Musarat gave fascinating explanations of Pakistan’s history, culture, music, and neighboring countries. She introduced us to Pakistani recorded music by famous singers, and a few danced to the tunes! The delicious food was followed by scrumptious desserts, tea and coffee.

Sheila Switzer once again provided a superb program for AAFSW members and everyone in the Foreign Service community as well as guests.

These AAFSW events bring back fond memories of various places where we have been posted. It is so nice when members share their knowledge with others in AAFSW; we all receive a great learning experience, a joyful reunion with friends, and wonderful new memories.

Troella Tyznik