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Our Awards

AAFSW sponsors or assists with several awards for adult Foreign Service family members.The Secretary of State’s Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad (SOSA). The annual AAFSW/Secretary of State’s Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad (SOSA) recognizes the outstanding volunteer activities of U.S. Government employees, family members, and members of household over the age of 18 serving overseas.Champions of Career Enhancement for Eligible Family Members Award (CCE-EFM)The CCE-EFM was developed by AAFSW’s EFM Employment Committee to recognize and incentivize those who go above and beyond their job descriptions and routine daily activities to promote the cause of employment and career development for Foreign Service family members. The winning individual or group receives a cash award of $750 and is honored at AAFSW Awards Ceremony, typically held in November of each year.Criteria: The recipient(s) will be chosen for his/her/their individual or collective efforts, above and beyond any regular work duties, to adopt best practices and innovations that expand and elevate individual job opportunities and long-term career enhancement for Foreign Service family members.

Eligibility: All active American USG direct-hire employees, their spouses and family members over the age of 18, their EFM domestic partners and their members of household (MOH) are eligible. Any of the above also may nominate an outstanding Locally Employed Staff (LES) member, Personal Services contractor (PSC) or third-party contractor who has significantly exceeded work requirements to expand job opportunities and/or long-term career enhancement for Foreign Service family members.

The Lesley Dorman Award

In 1993, AAFSW decided to honor Lesley Dorman for her accomplishments and untiring efforts on behalf of the Foreign Service community by creating the Lesley Dorman Award. The award recognizes an AAFSW member who has performed outstanding service in all aspects of the organization. The award is given at the annual AAFSW Volunteer Awards Program in December.

The Eleanor Dodson Tragen Award

The Tragen Award honors the memory of AAFSW member Eleanor Dodson Tragen and recognizes a member of the Foreign Service Community who has effectively advocated for and enhanced the global rights and benefits provided to the Foreign Service community. The award is sponsored and administered by DACOR, an organization of foreign affairs professionals. The award is funded by the income from a gift to DACOR Bacon House Foundation from retired FSO Irving Tragen and is given at the annual AAFSW Volunteer Awards Program in December.


Other Awards Open to Adult Foreign Service Community Members

American Foreign Service Association Awards

AFSA offers three awards for exemplary performance of assigned duties or voluntary duties at an overseas post that constitute extraordinary contributions to effectiveness, professionalism and morale, the Nelson B. Delavan Award, the M. Juanita Guess Award, and the Avis Bohlen Award.

The J. Kirby Simon Trust

The J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust is committed to expanding the opportunities for professional and community service and personal well-being of active-duty Foreign Service personnel and their families. To that end, the Trust supports projects initiated on a voluntary basis by members of the extended Foreign Service family that seek, on a modest scale, to improve the health and welfare of people living in the host countries.

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