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November Letter from the President

November is a special time of year for AAFSW.  We are thankful to have the opportunity to formally recognize our amazing award winners at the annual AAFSW awards ceremony on November 18.  Our Foreign Affairs Community is the BEST; always looking for ways to boost morale at post, lending a helping hand to a friend/colleague and really getting involved in their local community to make a difference.  Join me and SOSA chair Patricia Linderman virtually at 10:30 a.m. (DC time), as AAFSW honors the recipients of the Secretary of State Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad (SOSA), the Champions of Career Enhancement for EFMs Award (CCE-EFM) and AAFSW’s Dorman Award.  AAFSW is thankful for the continued support of DACOR.  DACOR will host the hybrid awards ceremony, inviting DC-based winners to the historic DACOR-Bacon house for an in-person experience and provide technical assistance with the virtual portion of the ceremony.  In addition, DACOR will recognize this year’s Eleanor Dodson Tragen Award winner. To attend the awards ceremony, please sign up here. Meanwhile, read more about our SOSA winners in this month’s Global Link.

I​​’m also thankful for our amazing donors for AAFSW’s upcoming virtual auction. Our Fun for Funds chair, Dr. Joanna Athanasopoulos Owen has been busy reaching out to the robust EFM business community, who in turn have offered services and items for auction. I am excited about what will be auctioned off. The money earned from the auction will support AAFSW scholarships, programs and more! If you are interested in donating an item, please reach out to the AAFSW office at offfice@aafsw.org.  We hope you will bid on some of these amazing items beginning next month!

And of course, our members!  I can’t forget to mention you. AAFSW is thankful for your continued support over the years.  We look forward to providing information and resources for you, planning interesting programs and honoring you through our awards and scholarships.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Lara Center, AAFSW President