New Expat Anthology: A Cup of Culture and a Pinch of Crisis

A Cup of Culture and a Pinch of Crisis, a new expat anthology recently published by Tales from a Small Planet, shares stories of adventure, food, and recipes from lives lived abroad. Writers from around the world share stories of cooking with grandparents, finding ways to be creative with new and interesting ingredients, and finding cultural connections through food and meals.

Expat readers will delight in finding familiar stories and experiences and readers who prefer to stick close to home will live vicariously through the stories. Feel the chill of an outdoor pancake festival in Russia, the heat of cooking in Trinidad, and the challenges of feeding a family during a health crisis within these pages.

You will find stories from Mongolia, Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, and India among many others. Our writers are young, old, and in the middle. Some are seasoned expats and some are feeling their way through their first trip away from home. All of them share a love of adventure and a delight in connecting their cultural experiences to their adventures in cooking, eating, or shopping for ingredients. As an added bonus, most chapters end in a recipe that readers can create in their own kitchens.

Tales from a Small Planet, the web magazine where readers learn “what it’s really like to live here,” has shared information about living as an expat in countries around the world for years. In their first book you will find a chapter about the founding and history of this group. The website also has a literary component with essays about living abroad. This book is the natural next step for Tales as they connect expats with information about life abroad.

The book is currently available on Amazon at:

– Leah Evans