A Memorable, Enjoyable Slovak Cultural and Dinner Experience

AAFSW’s recent cultural program started with an introduction of “The Small-Big Country Slovakia,” including a video about its many natural and historical wonders.

At this event, we learned that Slovakia is a very young and small country, it has a strong industrial sector. For example, it makes and exports a great variety of cars, including a flying car that should be on the market sometime next year. It is also very active in the high-tech and security fields. Slovakia is in the heart of beautiful Europe has many natural and cultural sites worth seeing, including: ancient monuments, castles, caves, national parks, spas, and the majestic Tatra mountains.

Words of introduction from the Slovakian Minister were followed by an amazing couple singing, playing the violin, and using a variety of traditional wooden musical instruments to evoke a feeling of peace and harmony. Attendees learned that shepherds motivated by the natural beauty of the majestic mountains created wooden musical instruments in various sizes and with different numbers of holes to produce melodious and magical sounds that soothe and captivate the soul.

The dinner featured traditional Slovak cuisine, including a large selection of appetizers and delicious desserts.

The evening was filled with memories to treasure. Thank you AAFSW for all you offer to members and guests. Slovakia is a beautiful European country and a vacation to this fascinating place seems like it would be an incredible experience.

Troella Tyznik