Melanie McFeeters

Melanie has been a member of AAFSW since 2016 when a friend reached out from Embassy Moscow asking for support for families being evacuated.

She is now the co-chair of the Evacuee Support Network, and previously served on AAFSW’s executive board as the second vice president. She has also spent many years volunteering for the art and book fair program.

As a Foreign Service family member since 1991, Melanie has worked in HR at the Department of State in Washington, for Merchants Bank in Bonn, as the Global Employment Advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, and served as CLO in Jakarta, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, and Brussels.

She has received several honors, including Meritorious Honor Awards, the Franklin Award, the Extra Mile Award, and the GEA Performance Award.

Having been evacuated with three small children from Indonesia in 1998, Melanie understands the challenges that Foreign Service families face and hopes to provide support as AAFSW has done for her and many others.