A Lunch and Talent Show to Remember

With the recent lunch and talent show, AAFSW once again provided an awesome moment to cherish in memory. Our marvelous host, Alise Laroche Randolph, prepared the delicious main course, and several members and other guests brought a variety of appetizers, other dishes and desserts for all to enjoy. This delicious lunch was followed by a talent show: it is hard to believe that there are so many talented and distinguished individuals among AAFSW members who could take our breath away, captivate our souls and preserve the moment in memory.

Sri and Troella danced, Yoko played the piano, as did Pita and Alise’s daughter, and they were fantastic and amazing pianists! Sierra La Roche also played the piano and is a gifted artist — we admired her display next to the piano. Robert sang an aria from La Traviata that he had sung to his wife on the day of their marriage, but at this talent show luncheon he dedicated it to Sheila! It was a fitting gift to Sheila, since she is the one who gathers all of us together like a bouquet of flowers to enjoy fun and memorable times.

Pita is an exceptional AAFSW member, as she not only plays the piano as a professional, but she also paints magnificent one-of-a-kind Indonesian batik scarves and other materials. Danuta Moon displayed her lovely pottery and beautiful paintings from Bosnia, while Anirives Falcon presented her breathtaking photography. Photographing nature is meditative and very spiritual for her: “Life is a gift but living the nature is a blessing,” she says. It was a luncheon with a talent show to remember forever!

Troella Tyznik